Head Teacher and Founder

Farhana Zaman

Farhana was a class teacher and headteacher in mainstream education for the London Borough of Brent before becoming a senior lecturer in science education in several different universities in the UK, the last of which was London South Bank University. She taught on undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes training the next generations of science teachers in the UK. She was a former headteacher of an Arabic school in Sheffield and with the encouragement of her staff she founded Al Aziz Academy as an independent venture in January 2019.

She is currently working as an education consultant for SFI ( Strengthening Faith Institutions (SFI) – London ) and has been trained by the National Resource Centre for Supplementary Education (NRCSE) to deliver their Open College Network accredited courses. Additionally, she is undertaking a part time PhD in Science Education focussing on the Use of Discussion in learning Science and is currently in her third year of studies.

Al Aziz Academy (AAA), has enabled me to combine my two passions of teaching and languages. I hope that AAA will become a hub for the teaching of Arabic generally and more importantly for understanding the message of the Quran and providing a quality education for children and adults in Sheffield. I have been inspired over many years by observing children and adults in the way they work and learn. I hope AAA will provide a fun and informative place for learners to be , a place where they will be immersed in Arabic, learn about the language and culture with our friendly , knowledgeable and supportive professional staff and our specially designed curriculum. I would sincerely like to thank all my staff who have helped me to bring our community AAA. We have been overwhelmed with the blessings that have come with the instigation of this venture and hope that current parents continue to support us to sustain this school into the future in shaa Allah. We have loved teaching your children and our reward has been their progress and engagement with the learning process we are facilitating for them. Our first adult conversation class has been a resounding success and we are hoping to recruit more adult students next academic year. We are also looking forward to providing our first GCSE classes from September 2019 in shaa Allah.

Farhana’s Words

Foundation Teacher

Abeer Albibi

Assistant: Uzma Tahir

Level 1 Teacher

Awsan Abuesa

Awsan has been teaching Arabic in Sheffield for more than four years. She is a native Arabic speaker and has worked for many years as a dentist and then as a project manager at several NGOs in Yemen before moving to the UK in 2012. She has a strong interest and background in Arabic literature.

Whilst I enjoy teaching Islamic Studies and Quran, I feel I really enjoy teaching Arabic Language to children the most and am committed to creating a classroom atmosphere that is stimulating and encouraging for my students. She loves going to work every Sunday, engaging with parents and their children, showing a welcoming, caring and understanding manner. Helping the children progress with their learning and play. Working alongside lovely members of staff

Awsan’s words

Level 2 Teacher

Rugaya Shidewa

She is a committed and enthusiastic teacher with a natural ability to appreciate and inspire children. She has over 3 years progressively responsible experience in primary and secondary school settings. She has a first class bachelors degree in Arabic and English literature and has achieved success in providing activities and materials that engage and develop the students intellectually. Rugaya is a driven individual who consistently attempts to help children to meet their educational goals whilst ensuring their well-being. She possesses a keen understanding of enforcing discipline by firmly setting classroom rules with the ability to resolve conflicts among students by encouraging positive debate.

I am a very passionate and knowledgeable Arabic Teacher with over 3 years of experience delivering engaging lessons focused on the interests and needs of students. Knowledgeable of standard instruction principles, classroom management styles, and approaches to teaching Arabic as a platform to understand the Holy Quran that I feel is essential in providing our children’s a clear pathway to follow in today’s society. I have hands-on experience creating development courses and activities modeled on goal attainment and student-centered instruction. My ethos for the classroom strongly encourages children to express their ideas and suggestions as I believe it is extremely important for them to have control over their learning. It is important to create an atmosphere which encourages children to ask questions and I believe children learn best through first-hand experiences and stimulating environments.

Rugaya’s Words

Level 3 Teacher

Eshrak Al Wadhan

She has several years of experience as an Arabic teacher in several schools in Sheffield, as well as private tutoring in Yemen. Eshrak is a native Arabic speaker with strong language skills and a passion for understanding and teaching Arabic grammar. Since coming  to the UK, Eshrak has gained several Teaching Assistant qualifications.

I enjoy teaching Arabic Language and Islamic Studies to the children. My aim and passion is to educate them in a non conventional way through  dramatical means and by encouraging them to express their thoughts and understanding of the topics we cover. I always encourage my pupils to participate in the lessons as much as they can and encourage them  to ask questions to ensure that they understand the lesson and are not just memorising the information

Eshrak’s Word

Level 4 Teacher

Yasmin Alazani

She is a native Arabic speaker from Yemen who graduated from high school there then moved to the UK. She completed an early years diploma in college and has been working as a teaching assistant in a local school since 2001. She has taken part in many training sessions and courses involving behaviour management, supporting parents, communities and SEN children. She has experience working as a creche manager and has been an Arabic school teacher for the past five years.

I have a passion to teach Arabic as I believe it is a way to pay back my community by helping our children to gain knowledge in Arabic and Islam. As a mother of three I believe a good education is the best gift you can provide for a child. It is my aim to help children in our school enjoy, understand and be proud of their own personal roots and religion irrespective of their countries of origin.

Yasmin’s Words

Adult Class Teacher

Mohammad Almam

Mohammad has been teaching Arabic in Sheffield for more than four years. He is a native Arabic speaker and has worked for 2 years as a dentist before moving to the UK in 2012. He has a strong interest and background in Arabic language and Arabic calligraphy.

I feel I really enjoy teaching Arabic Language to Adults and I am committed to improving my students daily basic conversation and communication with other. I love coming into work every Sunday and endeavour to show a welcoming, caring and understanding manner. My greatest pleasure is in helping students progress with their learning. I also love working alongside the lovely members of staff at Al Aziz Academy.

Mohammad’s words